Events Diary






Inter-house Volleyball Competition

Volleyball is one of the most interactive games. It is a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation and most of all of reciprocity of teamwork. There is no freeway to become Volleyball Champions. On 9th July 2018 we saw inter house teams battled out in the field to bag the Volleyball champions trophy.
We saw an intense nail biting match where Sincerity House bagged the first position defeating the Vigilance house with 21-15 match points. Perseverance beat the Knowledge House to bag the third position in the tournament.


Inter-house Chess Competition

The budding Vishwanathan Anands at VSPK International School displayed their genius in the Inter-House Chess Competition held in the school on the 30th April, 2015. The competition was held for students from grade III to grade X. Many students participated in the tournament, of which, more than 15 reached the finals. After a long run-in between the brainiacs, Rakshit Parnami, Archisha Kansal, Divya P. Singh and Ayushi Sharma bagged the first position in their respective groups. We extend our hearty congratulations to the prize-winners and the participants and look forward to many more such challenging events


Sand & Water Play Activity

You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy water play. The tiny tots at VSPK International School, Jaipur showed everyone how to splash around inside!  The facilitators grabbed a few towels and told them that they would get to play with water somewhere besides the bathtub.”We’re digging a hole to China, to China,” they sang over and over again. Children have always been intrigued by sand play. The young VSPKians dug in sand, sifted it, built with it, poured it, enjoyed the feel and smell of it, pretended with it, and explored how it moves. Sand is well-suited to the explorative and imaginative nature of young children. The school Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma emphasized that there is no right way to use sand, “It invites participation; it permits children to make and test hypotheses; it stretches the imagination; it provides a potentially soothing sensory experience; and it is an excellent avenue for children to learn physical, cognitive, and social skills. Because sand play is open-ended, the child determines the direction and path of his or her own play. This freedom then clears the way for the child to build developmental concepts.”


Ice cream day

A chance to relish ice cream during summer is something hardly anyone of us would miss. VSPK International School, Jaipur does exactly, but in a big way by celebrating ‘Ice-Cream Day’ every year, on the lines of the National Ice Cream Day marked in the United States, to the delight of all students at the school.  Kids enjoy a lot of ice cream on this day. This is a day when kids dance and have fun,” said Ms. Nidhi Sharma, the school Principal. Children made most of the opportunity and enjoyed gulping as much ice cream as they could. “Today ice cream day is being celebrated in our school. We enjoyed a lot and ate lots of ice cream. It was fun. I love ice cream,” said the students Devina and Atharv. On this occasion, an ice cream eating competition was also held, which was participated joyfully by all students.


Talent Hunt

It’s only in the corridors of schools & colleges that the energy can be channelized and dormant talents discovered”. The pedagogy of the school is that each child is unique & has infinite possibilities. In order to bring out the natural talent of its students, VSPK International School, Jaipur organized a ‘Talent Hunt Competition’ where more than 40 new students participated. A routine event every year, it’s a platform to enhance their confidence level for overall personality development. The gamut of various dances, songs, skit/drama, mimicry & modelling enthralled the audience with their nerve breaking performances. One by one all the participants showcased their hidden talent & it was full of zeal and enthusiasm; applauded by the school Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma.


Foundation Day

VSPK International School, Jaipur celebrated its Foundation Day with a lot of excitement. With the ambitious vision and untiring efforts of the Chairman, Sh.SK Gupta, the school was founded five years ago and has upheld the motto of ‘Higher  Stronger  Brighter’ ever since.The entire managing committee and the facilitators joined together to commemorate this day and acknowledge the efforts that have been put in through these years to make the school what it is today. A grand ‘puja’ was organised in the school premises and all the members of the VSPKian family came together to seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.


Cool Chef

Kids cooking programs are a fantastic way to get kids interested, and even excited,  about healthy foods. VSPK International School,  Jaipur gave it’s primary students an opportunity to create healthy meals that teach kids important math and reading skills as they follow recipes and measure ingredients.  The school Principal,  Ms Nidhi Sharma,  appreciated the efforts put by mothers to ensure that children learn about nutrition and healthy choices. She also acknowledged the role of teachers in discussing the rules in the kitchen to prevent food contamination, injury and promote a safe environment— by creating fun tips and guidelines to promote a safe and healthy cooking experience through ‘The Cool Chef Activity’.

Snakes and Ladder

To enhance mathematical skills & develop interest towards the subject “Snakes and Ladders” was played  on the created board in the open area by the students of grade II on 9th of April. Besides, hands on activities ,written explanation & oral communication such activities help students to apply mathematical skills to their prior knowledge as well as real world application. It was a fun filled activity through which children mastered over their addition & subtraction skills.

Presence of Principal Ms. Nidhi Sharma & their favorite class teachers added enthusiasm & perfection to the activity.

Holi Celebration

Holi, one of the most popular festivals of India, was celebrated with a splash of colours by the students of VSPK International School, Jaipur.Cultural activities such as these help students assimilate and appreciate the richness and diversity of not just the local culture but also go a long way in enhancing the social and cultural skills. It was a great experience for everyone as the festival of Holi signifies the coming together of different communities and the celebration of the spirit of universal brotherhood.


Ga mere mannga

A musical extravaganza, Ga Mere MaanGa was held on 20th February for the tiny tots of VSPK International School, Jaipur. The students of Play group and Nursery seemed to bubble over with excitement as they sang the all-time favourite song ‘Nani Teri MornikoMor Le Gaye.’ The audience were also left enchanted by the performance of the kindergarten students when they sang the melodious number ‘ UdiUdi Re Patang.’  Not to be left behind were the students of grade I who won the heart of The Principal, Ms Nidhi Sharma, and everyone else present there as they crooned and sang their hearts out , to the lyrics, Pyaari Ma….’. It was a delightful experience to watch these young singers in the making give their best performance and enthral everyone around them.


Dance competition….Natyarang

An Inter-House Dance Competition was held in VSPK, Jaipur.  Students of both the primary and secondary sections took an active part in the classical dance, which was first – of – it’s kind in Pratap Nagar.  The school principal, Ms Nidhi Sharma, appreciated the performances of students of each of the four houses. Judges had a difficult time evaluating and comparing the performances of VSPKians but eventually,  Tagore House was declared  as the winner.

Fancy dress……

It was a colourful extravaganza at VSPK when the student of KG and Class I turned up in vibrant dresses-representing the various states of India. The students of PG and Nursery also came dressed up as our great National Leaders, thus infusing a spirit of patriotism among the audience.

Learning …. The Fun Way

It was a fun filled learning experience for the tiny tots at VSPK International School, Jaipur, through the activity Cool Chef. The children learnt the various basic shapes like circle, triangle, square etc with the help of yummy sandwiches prepared by them under the careful guidance of the school chef and the teachers. The students had loads of fun making the boring sandwiches interesting by drawing funny faces and smiles on them using the everyday kitchen ingredients. The children were also told about the nutritive value of each and every ingredient that they had used in making that sandwich, making the entire experience an enriching and entertaining one!


Trip to Shimla

Excursions and tours are a must, especially for students. They have a great educational value. That is why; the management of VSPK, Jaipur organized a 5-day tour, for its students, to Chandigarh, Shoggy and Shimla. The excursion was indeed valuable for everyone- children, educators and the community. Stepping outside the school gate was not only an opportunity for children to see the world but also for the world to see what children’s services

Purple Day

Colour purple was introduced in an innovative way to our students.
Everyone wore different shades of purple.A poem on colour purple was
recited. Students were shown a presentation introducing the colour in
an effective way. The day ended with students carrying a craft
depicting the colour. It was fulfilling to find our young ones
identify the colour in and around the school campus.

Visit to Science Exhibition

A Science Exhibition was organized by the Poornima college of Engineering. Students of VSPK International School, Jaipur interacted with the participants and even took an active part in the mind challenging games. Deepak Machya of class IX operated the remote controlled car and completed the given task in 56 seconds and won the 1st prize. Kartik Meena of class IX won the 1st prize in the Euclidean Competition while Parvati Dubey bagged the 2nd position in the same.

Children’s Day Celebration

VSPK International School, had a week long celebration for its students which culminated with a Grand Finale on Children’s Day. Throughout the week the children participated in various competitions like ‘Story Telling’, ‘Salad Decoration’, ‘Mask Making’, ‘Face Painting’, to name a few. The Grand Finale took off in style with a special thought on ‘Childhood’, spoken in French. It was followed by a couple of song and dance performances by the students which left the audience spell bound. The surprise performances from teachers for their beloved students mesmerized the children. Seeing their regular subject teachers sing, dance and play the drums for them, really electrified and charged up the atmosphere. The beautiful day ended with a speech from our Principal celebrating the innocence, honesty and energy of the students, encouraging and blessing them to always shine in their lives. The High Achievers in Academics and The outstanding students at extracurricular activities were also awarded.


Cleanliness Drive

When the whole country is picking up the broom, how can our tiny tots be left behind! Our children enthusiastically participated in the ongoing campaign by singing songs on cleanliness, highlighting the importance and need for a clean and beautiful India. The cleanliness Drive resulted in a sparkling school and its surrounding.

Congratulation VSPKians!

Sat, 5th Nov’14

Credent Proficiency Oxyopia had conducted a preliminary test on 1st Oct’14 for G.K. and Mental Ability for classes VI- IX. 250 schools from all over Rajasthan had participated in this test. Many students of VSPK have cleared the first round with good score and qualified for 2nd round.


Skating Championship

Sat, 1st Nov’14

“One more feather to the cap” of VSPK International School, Jaipur

Students of VSPK International School, Jaipur brought laurels to the school by participating in State Level Skating Championship held at Bikaner on 1st to 2nd Nov’2014.

More than 300 students across the state participated in the event. Naivedhya Chopra (Grade KG) and Hemakshi Bansal (Grade V) bagged gold and silver medals respectively.

In their honour a special rally was organized where the honourable General Secretary of Skating Association appreciated their efforts and announced their selection for the National Level Tournment.


Show and Tell Activity

Mon, 3rd Nov’14

Bring their favourite toys to school and being allowed to hold them,
was clearly the most endearing act for our young students.It was so
comforting to hear lovely stories behind each toy.This activity
inculcated public speaking, confidence and expression of speech in our students.

Assembly on Cleanliness

Wed, 29th Oct’14

Cleanliness is one of the good qualities. It is a part of our civilization. A man of dirty habits is far from civilization. So, with the progress of civilization man cleans himself more and more. He cleans his body. He cleans his mind and heart.

It is really a matter of sorrow that most of our students are dirty. It is very sorrowful when we think that they keep dirty. Though they read science and hygiene. To make our countrymen neat and clean we should put ideals in the public institutions. So, our students should learn to keep themselves clean regularly.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Thus, 16th Oct’14

Students of VSPK International School have been eagerly carrying forward the vision of our honourable prime minister in creating a clen and hygienic India.They are frequently seen cleaning the library and their class rooms, besides the laboratories and the corridors. Team VSPK has shown a deep concern and respect for Modi’s ideology. Under the guidance of the Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, students took great pride in the cleaning drive

Star Day celebration

Mon, 13th Oct’14

When the blazing sun is gone,when there nothing shines upon.

Then you show your little light, twinkle twinkle all the night.
Our little ones enjoyed the company of there own little stars .They were excited to count the number of stars on the smart- board. Colouring the stars in silver colour made them feel close to these shiny objects.It was heartening to find innovative lunch packs with star shaped cutlets, idlis, poories etc.The day ended with children happily carrying home wrist bands with stars on it.It was a day to generate curiosity and interest in our young minds about the cosmic world.

Dusshera & Gandhi Jayanti Assembly

Wed, 1st Oct’14

It was festivity all around when two major events were celebrated by our students. A special assembly was conducted to enlighten the little ones about the teachings of Gandhi ji and sacrifices of Shastri ji. Children of K.G presented an introduction of the two eminent leaders. P.G children carried the things synonymous to both the leaders. It was refreshing to listen to the famous poem ‘Gandhi ji ke bandar’. Grade K.G and I excitedly enacted few iconic scenes from Ramayana related to Dusshera. They also recited a poem depicting that truth always triumphs.

Track & Field Activity

Mon, 29th Sep’14

Champions keep playing until they get it right.

Our young enthusiasts hit the field with immense energy. It was a day to show their strength, speed and sportsmanship. Students participated in all track and field events in good spirit. Sports is the only way to live freely and more interestingly. Through this activity they learnt the importance of staying healthy, being focused and setting goals in whatever they do.


English Group Song Activity

Fri, 19th Sep’14

Group song is a unique way to bring out any child from inhibition of facing people. It is the first step to introduce our students to face the audience. Our students were ecstatic to participate and had learn t all their lyrics well. They presented an energetic performance. It was an interesting way to assess their intonation, clarity and pronunciation.


Chocolate Day

Fri, 12th Sep’14

Most lovable ‘chocolates’ were celebrated with utmost enthusiasm. The day was loved by our students. Chocolates are yummy and they also teach our young ones its flavor and colour. Students were happily engrossed in colouring various pictures with brown colour. Result of excessive consumption of chocolates was also told to the students. It was a ‘sugar filled ‘ day which ended with all the students enjoying chocolates.


Nature walk

Tue, 9th Sep’14

My friend is the shade tree, beside the summer way!
My friend is the sunshine,that makes a perfect day!!

Our students were made to witness the wonders of nature through a walk around the bushes, flowers and trees of the school campus. The day was dedicated to ‘Nature Love’. Students were made to touch, smell and feel the soft leaves, tender buds, hard trunks. They also got a rare opportunity to run on grass barefoot. The importance of preserving nature was told to the children. The day ended with tiny tots reciting the poem on ‘Mother Nature.


Story Narration

Thus, 4th Sep’14

Our young VSPKians showed their speaking skills while narrating stories. It was a day to search for our budding orators. The confidence which our students showed was exemplary. It was heart warming to see our little ones express each word with connect intonation and stress. The day ended with students receiving appreciation from their mates and teachers.


Live interaction with PM on Teacher’s Day

Fri, 5th Sep’14

The VSPKians were in full mood on Teacher’s Day. Students discussed the importance of the day and shared their and shared their joy withtheir teachers and Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma. After the celebrations, children enjoyed PM, Mr. Narendra Modi’s classroom. They took home their lesson of life from Modi Sir— be it national integration, cleanliness or the importance of physical exercises and sweating or save electricity and water.


Boogie Champ

Fri, 29th Aug’14

We dance for hopes, We dance for screams.
We are the dancers, We create the dreams.

Our tiny tots danced their way out in ‘Boogie Champs’. It was an enthralling experience to watch little feet match steps and synchronize their dance moves.Students enjoyed the whole vent with popular dance numbers. This event inculcated freedom of expression in the form of dance in our young enthusiast.

Shape Day

Wed, 27th Aug’14

A relatively simple geometrical shape ‘triangle’ was introduced in an effective way.The students not only understood three sides of triangle, but were also amused to see how triangles can be transformed into kite,hills,fish,Christmas tree etc. Students also recited a poem titled ‘I am a triangle’. It was a good learning day
for our children. They went home with a sample size triangle fish in
their hands.


Balloon Toss

Mon, 25th Aug’14

Colorful balloons make me smile.
I want balloons as long as a mile.
Swimming in color, squeaky in rubber.
Playing in balloons, seems like forever.

We all cannot deny the fact that balloon tossing is a child’s favorite activity.Our innovative teachers planned this activity in order to enhance motor skills among our children.Kids were actively engrossed in blowing air in balloon to transform it into a big one. Buttercups were left free to toss balloons as high they could, which made them understand the act of balancing.The high flying balloons made us dream that our darlings will reach such heights in future.


Visit to Jantar Mantar & Amber Fort

Tue, 21th Aug’14

Students of the primary section went for heritage trip to Jantar Mantar while the secondary section went all the way to Amber Fort. It was an enriching trip for our inquisitive minds. They were ecstatic to see this open air laboratory made in 1728 by Maharaja Jai Singh. Students showed immense interest in instruments made by stone and marble. They were surprised to know that these sculptures have specific purpose like measuring stars, altitudes, azimuths, calculating time etc. Visit to the fort was a highly knowledgeble experience for our students. Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, appreciated the planning done in collaboration with the Times of India group.


Independence Day

Fri, 15th Aug’14

The most important day of our country was celebrated with our young ones with full fervor and enthusiasm. The students were given valuable information on importance of this day.Value of national symbols were told to the children.Respect for the Tricolour was imbibed into the young souls. A tricolour was painted on children’s face. They sang a Rhyme:” Salute the flag !”. A flag was given as a token of gift with immense hope that the camaraderie and unity of our country restores till eternity.


Janamshtami Celebration

Thus, 14th Aug’14

Krishna Janmashtami is the day when Lord Krishna was born. It is one of the biggest Indian religious festivals in the world.We at VSPK International School ,Jaipur celebrated this festival with our students dressed as ‘Krishna’ and ‘Radha’. Students came in colourful dresses and enacted naughty deeds of little Krishna. Students were fascinated to see their seniors perform a Dahi -Handi act. An idol of Lord Krishna was bathed with panchamrit along with chanting of holy mantras.The celebrations ended with the words “Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki” echoing in the school campus.

Rakhi Celebration

Fri, 8th Aug’14

Sisters will tie the thread on the brothers, Abiding them to do only what is right and clean.
Put the Kumkum and blessed rice on the head, Where will dwell right thoughts and noble action.

The festival of Rakhi celebrates brother-sister relationship. On this auspicious day, siblings express their love and affection towards each other. One of the most beautiful days of feelings and togetherness was celebrated with immense zeal. Students were totally engrossed in tying rakhi on the wrist of their classmates. It was heart warming to see the enthusiasm of students while decorating the ‘thali’ for the celebration. The day ended with Principal Ma’am applauding poem recitation and free dance activity.

Inter School Competition

Wed, 6th Aug’14

VSPKian’s showed their skills and wooed the spectators in an inter-school ramp walk and western dance competition,held at Subodh Public School.Our students mesmerized the judges and audience with their confidence on ramp. Rhythmic and synchronized movements on ‘Blue Hai Pani Pani’ was applauded by all present. Presenting a glimpse of our students in action.

Aryabhattas of the VSPKian family

Sun, 3rd Aug’14

1) Avika Choudhary (Grade II A) brought laurels to the School by winning the merit position at the State Level UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition help on 3rd Aug, 2014 in New Delhi.

2) Avi Choudhary (Grade III B) was awarded the 5th runner-up trophy at the 13th National UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition help on 3rd Aug, 2014 in New Delhi.


VSPKians interacted with Brett Lee

Mon, 28th July’14

Our VSPKians got a golden opportunity of interacting with the cricket legend and brand ambassador of Cricket Australia Programme – Brett Lee !
They were ‘blessed’ to learn a few handy tips and polish their skills of the game from none other than Brett Lee himself.


3rd District Roller Skating Championship 2014

Sat, 26th July’14

The students of VSPK added one more feather to its cap by bagging medals at the 3rd District Roller Skating Championship, 2014 :

1) Hemakshi Bansal (V) won Gold medal in ‘Under 10‘ (girls) category.

2) Navedhya Chopra (K.G.) won Silver medal in the ‘Under 4‘ (boys) category.

The event was held at the Sports Complex in the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.


Hula Hoop

Mon, 22nd July’14

Up, down, spin around, the world is my playground.
Front to back, side to side, my own personal joy ride.

It was a day for our children to understand and balance their bodily actions. There is no better technique other than twisting a hula hoop around waist, to teach kids the control of their own body. The added advantage of this activity was that, in addition to developing gross motor skills it was also splendid fun for our young energetic students.


Student’s Workshop on Study Skills

Fri, 18th July’14

An interactive workshop on Study Skills was conducted by the school counselor Mrs. Sandhya Kasliwal for the students of classes VI -IX.

The children were shown a video to highlight the importance of good study habits to obtain academic results. The children felt that poor concentration was the biggest determinant of poor performance. The workshop guided children to develop good study habits such as the use of a proper time table, studying in a conducive environment at the peak concentration time and keeping the focus during study. The workshop also emphasized the need for adequate rest and good diet during exam time. Simple yoga exercise was practiced by the children to build concentration.

Puppet Show

Fri, 18th July’14

Dance, my little puppets dance for me,
Dance, my little puppets and you shall see.

Dance, my little puppets the truth you seek,
Dance, my little puppets the truth i will speak.

It was a day for our students to witness the imaginary world of puppets. The young brains were excited to see the famous and inspirational story of ‘The Hungry Grasshopper’ through puppets. The curious minds were eager to find out the trick of moving puppets. It was refreshing to see little fingers entangled in strings in order to move puppets as per their desires. The day proved the fact that though puppetry is an old art but it still holds great importance in children’s world.


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Investiture Ceremony

Thus, 17th July’14

The investiture ceremony of the new council members was held in the VSPK International School premises. With the innate instinct of leadership, the newly elected council members exhibited a positive vibrancy as they systematically marched to the beats of the school band. The parents of these young achievers along with the school principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, instilled a feeling of pride and triumph in their hearts through pinning of the badges and adorning of the sashes. The handing over of the flags and the oath taking ceremony observed the determination of the young hearts.

With her enlightening words, principal ma’am motivated students to ‘earn’ respect and not ‘command/ demand’ it through their talent and conduct alike.


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Visit to Kagzi Industry

Thus, 17th July’14

With the earnest efforts of the school principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, VSPK International School organized an educational tour to the Kagzi Enterprises, Sanganer. The secondary class students enjoyed interacting with the MD there, who gave them a hands-on experience on the process of making paper from cloth. They even had a rarest of rare insight on the different machines and the kind of grinders used for churning the pulp. It was indeed an integrated approach to learning.

Our Helpers

Mon, 14th July’14

It was a day to enlighten our students to our community helpers.The children were excited to dress up as doctors,teachers,traffic policemen,carpenters etc.They seemed most amused to perform role plays based on their attires.A feeling of thankfulness was imbibed in them.It was heartening to see our little ones thank the maids and the guards in schools without any stimulation.It proved, that the moral value and importance of all the helpers in society were strongly embedded in our young minds.

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Poetry Recitation

Fri, 11th July’14

Poetry is an art form that enhances the educational experience when it is recited.

A poetry recitation activity was organized to improve oral reading, expression, vocabulary and confidence in our little ones. Reading poetry aloud allows the listeners to develop a greater appreciation of sound devices. The enthusiasm was clearly visible with each child
participating in it. Amongst all the participants Naivedhya of K.G recited ‘I love you Mom’, Avika Parasher from grade I recited ‘Go Green’,& Pratyusha from grade I spoke about animals and their sound ‘Bum chuka -chuka’ .The activity included emphasis on presentation skills, volume, rate and pitch which will help them to become better speakers. The activity came to an end with Principal ma’am giving prizes to the participants.


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Science Quiz

Thus, 10th July’14

A Science Quiz, “Scientists and their Experiments” was organized for the students in VSPK International School, Jaipur. The aim of conducting the quiz was to promote the relevance of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics in our everyday lives and to demonstrate their importance to the future development of society.

The quiz was organized in the presence of school Principal and other faculty members. Various questioning rounds were covered in the competition including questions based on general science, Visual round, buzzer round and rapid fire round. There were various questions for audience as well in which students participated actively answering correctly to the questions. The school Principal Ms. Nidhi Sharma congratulated all the winners and appreciated the students.


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Dine In Style

Thus, 10th July’14

In silence I must take my seat, And give God thanks before I eat.
Must for my food in patience wait, Till I am asked to hand my plate.
With knife or fork or napkin ring, I must not play; nor must I sing.
The table cloth I must not spoil,Nor with my food my fingers soil.
When told to rise, then I must put, My chair away with quiet foot.

It was raining etiquette for our young ones today. Learning to use fork and napkin.It was interesting to see little fingers adjusting the plates in order and trying to serve in a decent way.Children were ecstatic to see the table layout and were more than happy to follow the instructions given.The day ended with a warm feeling, that one day our young ones will transform in Gentlemen and Ladies marching their way ahead with appropriate table manners.

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Paper Tearing Activity

Tue, 8th July’14

This activity was letting our little one’s tear papers and paste them to make a meaning full object. It proved on to be a great activity to help develop the small muscles in the hands and give freedom to do something that otherwise is restricted. It was exciting to see our young one’s make things like rainbow, coconut and melons.This activity reiterated the fact that even a simple act can be meaningful with a little innovation.

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Yellow Day Celebration!

Mon, 7th July’14

Yellow is the colour of custard, And also the colour of mustard.
The yellow canary sings sweetly away, Yellow bananas eaten everyday.
Yellow is the colour of a bumble bee, And yellow Autumn leaves from a tree.

The bright colour yellow was taught to our little minds by turning
their day in school yellow.Our tiny tots came to school in yellow
dresses.It was interesting to witness a wide range of yellow objects
brought by our children. Be it lemon, yellow ball, tweety, mango, banana, poha or maggie all yellow things were at display for our little ones. They learn t an exciting poem on yellow and were also
shown a presentation dedicated to colour yellow.The day ended with kids identifying the colour around school and were happy to go home with a handcrafted “ice-cream eating smiley”.


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Beach Party !

Fri, 4th July’14

Let’s go to the beach…..

To swim and play and run.
Building castles in the sand
Is ever so much fun.

Our buttercups had a firsthand experience of what it is to be on a beach. It began with packing a beach bag essential to have when going to a beach. It was interesting to see little fingers digging deep into sand in search of shells and fortune cookies. When little feet stepped in water it was joyous to watch them splash water on each other and play untiringly. The young ones were also made to observe what a big ship looks like and how it manages to sail across oceans. The tiny tots were exuberant to see beach party setting of umbrellas and sun caps. A fun filled learning day ended with children wearing a handmade flower head gear. It was an enriching experience for teachers and immense fun for our little ones.

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Fitness Day!

Wed, 2nd July’14

VSPK International School, Jaipur held the first of its kind ‘Fitness Day. The highly process driven specialty organization ‘Leap Start’, is helping deliver truly holistic experiences for the VSPKians. This fundamental evolution in PE and sport teaching is the beginning of the possible transformation(s) in school education that the school Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, has a vision for. Improvement in academic achievement, higher fitness levels, sport skills development as well as simply enjoying PE and school in general are amongst the benefits evidenced. Furthermore, these positives are not limited to childhood but have a lasting impact in later life.

Workshop on ASL

Tues, 12th May’14

A workshop on ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening) was conducted in the school to enrich the teachers with the current addition in the curriculum. The programme has been designed in collaboration with the Trinity College, London to provide a certificate that has an international benchmark. The approach is learner- centered and enables students to adopt and adapt to the different listening and speaking strategies using appropriate and relevant details. The role of the examiner was highlighted with a suitable mention of the evaluation scheme as per the CBSE norms.


Multiple Intelligence

Tues, 28th April’14

A workshop on “Multiple Intelligence” was conducted by the school counselor, Ms. Sandhya Kasliwal in conference room. Gardner’s Theory on the same was discussed in detail and the same was discussed in detail and the need for a strong diagnostic evaluation process, covering the eight facets of intelligence, was brought out. Such sessions not only bolster the young teacher’s technical skills, but also motivate them to perform better, which will eventually reflect on the school teaching and learning process.

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Red Day

Tues, 27th April’14

Strong colour ‘Red’ was introduced to our budding minds in an interesting way. Children were made to relate the colour with all the things they witness everyday. ‘Red Riding Hood’ movie was shown. It was a pleasure to see our little actors en-act the movie to their understanding. Children sang a song related to the colour. It was
fulfilling to see all the students recognize the colour while taking a walk around school. Little ones went home carrying the glimpse of colour in their mind and a craft of ‘Lady Bird’ in their hand.


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Cartoon Party

Tues, 11th April’14

Cartoons are no less than a real world to little minds. This world was brought to life when the tiny –tots of VSPK International School, were happily dressed as their favourite cartoon characters. Be it Spiderman, Doremon, Chota Bheem, Chutki, or Angry Bird, the buttercups enjoyed living a day as famous cartoon characters. A ramp walk was organized where kids introduced themselves followed by a dance session that energized the children and helped them to break ice amongst themselves. The event concluded with teachers motivating the students to pick out positive traits of the cartoons they have chosen to be and follow it in their lives. Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma appreciated all the parents who put in lot of efforts to make their children dressed up as cartoons.


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Foundation Day

Tues, 11th April’14

VSPK International School, Jaipur celebrated its Foundation Day with great pomp and show. The programme initiated with a poja ceremony. This was followed by the Talent Show, where the new VSPKians were given an opportunity to prove themselves. The students entertained all present there with their melodious voices by singing songs, dancing and playing musical instruments. Everyone was amazed to see the budding talents. Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma reflected on not only how far the school has come since its infancy, but also shared some history of the school. She told everyone that the early days of the school will always be important as they sowed the seeds of all that the school is today.


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Events held in Session 2013-14

Annual Day Celebration

Tues, 25th March’14

VSPK International School, Jaipur organized their first Annual Day in association with Helen ‘O’ Grady at Ravindra Manch. The event was inaugurated by the lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest Smt. & Sh. Pawan Kumar Goyal, M.D, RAJSICO. Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma welcomed the Chief Guests and the Directors of the institution Mr. Kapil Gupta & Ms. Sapna Gupta.

The evening began with an ecstatic performance by the youngest VSPKians who shaked their body to the best and enthrilled the audience. Various plays were showcased by the other students who astonished everyone with their projection, dialogue delivery and utmost confidence. The Western Dance got the maximum applaud. The students were no less than professionals in playing musical instruments.

The chief guest appreciated the event and bestowed achievement awards to the winners. The programme culminated with the vote of thanks by the principal, who appreciated the efforts of students and staff for making the event –a grand success.

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Basant Panchami

Tues, 4th Feb’14

To celebrate the advent of Spring season, Basant Panchami was celebrated in VSPK International School, Jaipur. Yellow-representative of spiritual knowledge was the colour of the day. Therefore the staff was dressed in different shades of yellow. Children were told the significance of the day and how it is celebrated in various parts of the country. This was followed by a vandana of Goddess Saraswati- the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma blessed everyone and told the students, the importance of being studious and lifelong learners. She also told the students to inculcate in them, a blend of modern and traditional values.

The day was made special with everyone getting the ‘Yellow Rice’ Prasad.


Road Safety Rules

Tues, 17th Dec’13

The Road Safety Day was observed by the students of the Pre-Primary section of VSPK International School, Jaipur. Important rules of the road were enacted by the students to ensure thorough understanding and learning of these rules. The students of Play Group, Nursery and K.G. recited rhymes about these rules. Students of Grade I presented a catchy song ‘Stop, Look, Listen’, based on road safety rules. The Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, urged the young ones to remember these rules and take care to always follow them and be safe.


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Visit to Zoo

Fri, 13th Dec’13

The little VSPKians of the Pre- Primary section of VSPK, Jaipur went on a visit to the Jaipur Zoo on 13th December. The weather was cool with bright sunshine and a pleasant breeze to make the visit cozy and comfortable for the little ones. The children enlivened the gardens with their excited chatter as they entered the gates. They went around the enclosures observing the animals inside. Amongst others, they saw jackal, wolf, monkeys, crocodiles, deer, leopard, black bear, turtles and many types of birds. The animal which left them awestruck was our national animal, the tiger. They saw the tiger rolling on the grass in the sunshine oblivious of all the eyes watching him. The children learnt about the food habits and habitat of these animals. They observed that whenever they were noisy, the animals went away inside their enclosures and when they were quiet the animals came out, teaching them that animals don’t like noisy environment. The children also learnt that animals should not be teased or be given the food that we eat as it might make them sick. They learnt to show compassion towards animals and to treat them with kindness. The students enjoyed snacks and juices at the zoo lawns. On their way back they sang songs to show their joy.


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Inter House Western Instrumental Competition

Fri, 6th Dec’13

It was a day for the musicians of VSPK International School Jaipur. The young musicians showcased their talents by trying their little hands on various western instruments. The audience was thrilled and spellbound to see the young hands playing the instruments. The audience got captured with the rhythmic beats. Students from all the houses showed their peak performances and were appreciated by all present there. The first position was bagged by Tagore house followed by Vivekanand House. The winners were announced by the Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma quoted Multiple Intelligence Theory and advised the parents present to keenly look for the areas of interest of their ward and motivate them.


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Family Week

Tue, 26th Nov’13

The last week of the month of November was celebrated as the ‘Family Week’ by the students of classes Play Group, Nursery, Prep I and II of VSPK International School, Jaipur. The students saw skits based on family relationships and did role plays on different types of families. This gave them a clear understanding of the importance of their families and their roles as a member of a family. They learnt what family ties are and how each member contributes to the well being of the institution of the family. An English movie based on family relations was also viewed and enjoyed by the little VSPKians. Food is a very important aspect of family life and ties all the members together. A role play on the benefits of healthy food and disadvantages of ‘junk’ food was also done during this week to promote healthy eating habits amongst the students and their families.


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Children’s Day Celebration

Thus, 14th Oct’13

Children who are the future of a nation, if nurtured and groomed carefully can blossom into responsible citizens of the country. Their chatter, sweet smiles and inquisitiveness can make the day of a teacher. The birth anniversary of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was celebrated with great enthusiasm by all the VSPKians. The teachers put up an entertaining show wherein they acted like students and also performed dances and songs to entertain the students to make them feel special. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly.The students of Pre-Primary section played games with their teachers and carried home gifts, specially handcrafted by their teachers. The senior most class did a role play on Shakespeare’s “Merchant Of Venice”. The Principal, Ms Nidhi Sharma, congratulated the students and urged them to inculcate the values of commitment, discipline, respect for the elders while keeping their child like innocence intact.


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Diwali Celebration!

Wed, 30th Oct’13

Sky Full of Fireworks,
Mouth Full of Sweets,
House Full of Diyas and
Heart Full of Joy.

The festive season of Diwali was celebrated with high spirits in VSPK Jaipur. Inter-House Indian Classical Dance Competition was organized where the young feet stepped in perfect sync. The performances left the audience spellbound and it was an uphill task for the judges declare the winner. Mesmerizing performances from Grade II and Grade III were applauded in bounty. Radhakrishnan House won the competition with a close margin. With the hope that millions of lamps illuminate our lives with endless joy, prosperity, health & wealth, curtains were drawn to the program with ‘Laxmi Aarti’ from Grade VII.

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Taekwondo Championship

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. It combines combat and self- defense techniques with sport and exercise. The name taekwondo was coined by Choi Hong Hi who is claimed to be the founder and creator of taekwondo by the International Taekwondo Federation. Schools of Jaipur tried their hands in this martial art.Students of VSPK International School yet again witnessed a moment of pride by winning laurels for their school. An Inter School Taekwondo Championship (2013-14) was held at S.B.I.O.A School, Mansarover, Jaipur, where there students performed exceptionally well. Lavina Jiyani, Lokesh Sharma and Yadvendra Singh added the sparkle to the school’s name by winning a Gold medal each. Avinish Sharma and Adityan Sevda were no less in defeating their opponents and won Silver medal. Aditya Katara won a Bronze in the same competition. Among so many school, students of VSPK International School were able to mark their impression by winning 6 medals for the school. They clutched the victory from the hands of their opponent.

Science Week

Thus, 10th Oct’13

The aim of Science Week is to promote the relevance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in our everyday lives and to demonstrate their importance in the development of our society

A Science Quiz, ‘Scientists and Their Experiments”, was organized for the students of classes VI to VIII in the school’s conference room. Many rounds including visual, buzzer and rapid fire rounds were conducted in the competition. There were various questions for the audience as well in which students participated actively answering most questions correctly. The school Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma congratulated all the winners and appreciated the efforts of students and teachers.

Fun with Shapes – ‘Rectangle’

Mon, 7th Oct’13

The pre-primary students observed the Rectangle Day by participating in many fun filled activities. The little ones walked around rectangles drawn on the floor of their classrooms counting two short sides, two long sides and the four corners. They then applied this knowledge to name the rectangular objects that they could see in the room. A melodious song -“One little, two little, three little rectangles ………rectangle tower” was sung by the children while drawing rectangles in the air , with their tiny little fingers.

Visit to Birla Planetarium and Albert Hall Museum

Wed, 9th Oct’13

Students of classes II to VIII were taken to Birla Planetarium and Albert Hall Museum on 8th October, where children explored our universe. A tour of the space enchanted the students by the visual effects. As they saw a view of the eight planets, their satellites and the numerous constellations on the dome of the planetarium, they were awe struck. They learnt about the basic concepts of astronomy and the mission to Mars. They were shown different constellations and told about their shapes which help us identify and name them. It was a very inspiring and stimulating visit for students and teachers alike.

Children were amazed to see Albert Hall Museum which was opened for the public in 1885. It exhibits a rare collection of ancient artefacts – including miniature paintings, carpets, metal and wood crafts, toys, dolls, arms and weapons and an Egyptian mummy belonging to the Ptolemaic Era. The most extraordinary of them is the carpet that depicts the scene of a Persian garden with gushing streams.

They also enjoyed the exhibition of the apparels of the privileged class consisting of the Rajputs and the wealthy merchants and the also the garments of the varied tribes of Rajasthan including the Bhils, Meenas, Bhopas, Gadoliya and Lohars which helped them to relate it to the history of Rajasthan. While walking through the gallery they got an insight of the culture and lifestyle of the Rajasthani tribes.


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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Tues, 1st Oct’13

On October 1, our students celebrated the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by starting the day with a special assembly. The students of grade III presented poem on “Honesty” followed by a speech about Gandhiji’s invaluable contribution to India’s freedom struggle. His principles of truth, non-violence and honesty are still remembered today. Mahatma Gandhi was an iconic personality. He is best known as the leader who evolved the non-violent way of protest- “Satyagraha”. The Principal, Mrs. Nidhi Sharma, urged the students to imbibe the teachings of Gandhiji in their lives and learn the importance of being honest with oneself. She encouraged the students to be fearless and to tread the path of righteousness irrespective of the consequences.

Students were also reminded of our great leader Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji who shares his birth date with Gandhiji. The assembly was concluded with Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’, sung melodiously by the students.


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Visit to Old Age Home

Tues, 1st Oct’13

Blessed are those who have their aged parents and grandparents living with them .Not only do the aged teach us a lot from their experience but they also act as a cushion which absorbs the heart aches that their grandchildren undergo. As the society is busy with materialistic pursuits, it becomes imperative to teach the younger generation to value what they can learn from the older generation. Our young students were taken to visit an old age home at Mansarovar, Jaipur. The residents were very warm and friendly, and they welcomed our students with their beautiful smiles. To break the monotony of their lives, the students presented a few songs and a dance for them. The aged were also made to join in the songs and dance. The young students were overwhelmed with emotions which were overflowing on both sides and promised to take care of their parents when they age.


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Nature walk

Fri, 13th Sep’13

“The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask.”

This is what we had in mind when we took our Pre-Primary students for a Nature Walk on 13th September, 2013. The little ones walked in the lush green environs of Jawahar Circle. They enjoyed playing in the gardens and were fascinated with the chirping birds and naughty squirrels that came begging for morsels and ate right out of their hands. They saw how these tiny animals and birds lived in harmony in their habitat. On their way back they sang happily and were thrilled when there was a sudden downpour.

Grandparents Day

Fri, 6th Sep’13

The unconditional love which grandparents have for their grandchildren was celebrated as Grandparents Day by the little VSPKians of Jaipur .The little ones staged songs and dances for their beloved grandparents who had been invited to the school for the occasion..They also gave beautiful handcrafted cards to their grandparents. A talk by Mr. M. l. Sharma enlightened the audience on ways of bringing up successful grandchildren. The Principal Ms. Nidhi Sharma proposed the vote of thanks.


Inter-House Western Dance Competition

Wed, 4th Sep’13

Inter House Western Dance Competition was held in VSPK International School, Jaipur. The theme of the event was “Dark Night”. The participants, the venue, the podium, the master of ceremony, were all made to look as if they have descended right from ‘Hell’. The ambience made the audience spellbound. The participants mesmerized the audience by their wonderful performance during the event. The whole programme was not just filled with healthy competition but was infused with a lot of hard work, sincerity and buoyancy on the part of the participants of different houses. The ambience of the stage and venue added to the performances being very close to the theme. The programme concluded with the message ‘Victory of good over evil’. Teresa House bagged the first position followed by Vivekanand House.

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Special Assembly On Teachers’ Day

Wed, 4th Sep’13

“A good teacher inspires hope, ignites imagination and instills a love of learning”.

A special assembly was held for the students of Pre-Primary section, on Wednesday the 4th of September, 13. The assembly began with a solemn chanting of the shloka “Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu ……….” by the students of K.G.

The little ones were made aware of the significance and importance of this day. The story of Eklavya was narrated to them to bring out the significance of teachers in their lives. The assembly witnessed a song by the students of Grade I and an enthralling dance performance by the toddlers of Playgroup and Nursery on the number “Thodi si hansi, thodi si khushi…..”

Hindi Story Telling Activity “Ek Kahani Meri Jubani”

Mon, 2nd Sep’13

It usually happens that elders narrate stories to the young but our little story tellers left us speechless when they narrated stories in the story telling activity – “Ek Kahani Meri Jubani” with great zeal and enthusiasm. The little ones narrated stories with moral values using beautifully hand crafted props. The stories left the audience captivated and they went home with many more values instilled in them.

Track and Field events

Thus, 29th Aug’13

The tiny tots of the Pre-Primary section celebrated the National Sports Day on 29th Aug.13, with great enthusiasm. This day marks the birth anniversary of Dhyan Chand who is known as the Magician of Indian Hockey. Various track and field events which included Relay, 50 m and 70 m sprint were organized. The little ones cheered their pals who made headway for the victory stand.

Janmashtami Celebration

Tues, 27th Aug’13

Janmashtami was celebrated in VSPK International School, Jaipur. Children rejoiced on the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday. The festivities commenced with a traditional song dedicated to Lord Krishna. The song had a divine effect on all. A skit, depicting the mischievous young Krishna, was presented by the students of the school. They enacted adorable incidents from Kanha’s life. Anoushka Dhillon sang a soulful melodious hymn dedicated to Lord Krishna. The celebrations also included hymns and “Jhulan Utsav. Curtains were drawn to the show with a mesmerizing bhajan by one of the teachers. The programme was concluded with a vote of thanks by school Principal who spoke of the victory of good over evil and urged students to learn from the teachings of Krishna. She wished all present on this pious festival of Janmashtmi.

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Independence Day Celebration

Thus, 15th Aug’13

The 67th Independence Day was celebrated with patriotic fervor in the school premises. The Principal, Mrs. Nidhi Sharma graced the occasion and hoisted the Tricolor. To mark the celebrations, many patriotic songs and dances were staged. The Cultural Captain of the school, Archit Jain, delivered a speech on the progress of India over the years. The primary students sang a song laced with the spirit of patriotism. A skit was presented by students from different classes to depict the freedom struggle. The presentation was truly enthralling as the children displayed their talents. The occasion was graced by the presence of parents. The school Principal, Ms. Nidhi Sharma congratulated the children and highlighted the values of discipline, determination and devotion to the motherland. She added that we are fortunate to be born in a free nation and we need to work with synergy so that our Nation becomes a front runner amongst all progressive nations. She said we must appreciate and honor this fact and feel pride in being Indian.

Tree Plantation

Thus, 1st Aug’13

If I plant a tree with fruit,
On which the birds may feed,
Then I have fostered feathered friends
And that’s a worthy deed.

We believe in imparting comprehensive knowledge to our buttercups.GO GREEN, was a day for our toddlers to gift greenery back to Mother Earth. It was not just a plantation drive but a serious step to sensitize our tiny-tots about the importance of green energy.

Have a look at our VSPKians on a mission to keep the Earth green with their tiny fingers.


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Investiture Ceremony

Fri, 19th July’13

The investiture ceremony of the new cabinet was held in school premises. The program started with a welcome speech followed by a western dance by the young performers. The investiture ceremony was organized in a beautiful manner. The cabinet members marched uprightly and majestically in sync with the beating for the proceedings. Principal ma’am, Mrs. Nidhi Sharma handed over sashes and transferred responsibilities to the newly appointed members. Principal Mrs. Nidhi Sharma administered the oath of office whereby the newly cabinet members promised to discharge their duties honestly, sincerely and to the best of their ability. They promised to take the school to newer heights and resplendence. Principal ma’am addressed the students and said that change is the law of Nature. The old order yields place to the new. She also mentioned that integrity is the most important virtue of a leader. The quality of leadership must be reflected in the standards, they set for themselves. They have to be firm but approachable. While it is important for a leader to learn to agree to disagree, to be respected is far more important than to be liked. The program concluded with a formal vote of thanks.


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Smile Day

Thus, 11th July’13

Smile Day was ccelebrated by the pre-primary students of VSPK International School on 11th July, 2013. Children were made aware of the fact that when they smile, they look good and the people around them feel happy to see their smile. Various activities were conducted for the students which included a song: “When you are happy….” and dance on spirited music. Students of Nursery drew rectangles on a semicircle which symbolized the teeth and smile. White beads were strung by students of K.G.where each bead represents a tooth; to look like smile. Collages were made from pictures of smiling faces by the students of Grade I. All the activities were thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones. The Principal of the school; Ms. Nidhi Sharma motivated the tiny tots to be happy and keep smiling, whatever the situation may be.

Mother’s Day – Card Making

Thus, 9th May’13

Innovative hand- made cards on the theme ‘Mommy & Me’ were made by students. Cards had all the colors from rainbow and lovely messages to touch everyone’s heart .The enthusiasm of the celebration was such that each child wanted to excel and present his/her best card.

Taekwondo Competition

Tue, 7th May’13

The competition was divided in 2 categories sub-junior(grade III-V) and junior(grade VI-VIII).In sub-junior category Teresa house bagged 1st rank. In junior category after a tough fight Tagore House came out to be the winner. In junior & sub-junior (girls) category Tagore & Radhakrinshnan was declared winner respectively. The event ended with the principal applauding the strength and speed of all participants.

Indian Classical Dance Competition

Fri, 3rd May’13

One participant from each house showcased their winsome talent in the competition. With excellent scores in mudra, expression,rhythm and footwork, Rajnandini of Radhakrishnan house was adjudged the winner. All the participants were praised for their outstanding performances

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Carom Competition

Fri, 26th Apr’ 13

Interhouse carom competition was organized for students from Grade 3-8.Boys/ girls single and mixed double matches were played with great enthusiasm and skill. Teresa house with best scores secured first position followed by Tagore house and Vivekanand house.


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Rain Dance Day

Fri, 3th May’13

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

‘Rain Dance Day’ commenced with children reciting effectual rhyme’s on rain. It was effective in strengthening their ability to express; Soft wind, storm ,thunder etc. They actively stamped their feet, thumped their thigh and modulated their voice to show, how slow breeze becomes a thunder storm. Thereafter nurslings enjoyed the pleasure of ‘Rain Dance’ (indoor puddle pool with showers & music) which soothed their inner soul and was a perfect to match their fun quotient. Children coordinated while moving. They developed sensitivity towards music and acquired poise .The day ended with each child coloring one picture based on the theme: “The Rainbow”. Joyous faces of children and teachers affirmed the day to be fun and fruitful respectively.

Circle Day

Mon, 29th April’13

Circle Day was celebrated to introduce the most influential numeric symbol ‘circle’ to toddlers. An Entertaining song ;Moon and Man was sung with a full moon picture on smart board. When the tiny tods understood the shape they were requested to list all the circular things they could find in class and outside. Some students were prompt in identifying bindi and bangles worn by teachers . Soon after the session the students were evaluated upon their understanding. They were asked to name a body part which is round, though it was tricky still with a clear vision they were able to pick eye balls. The session ended with a game of ‘Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses’ which they enjoyed thoroughly. It was indeed a fruitful and endearing activity for all students.


Mon, 22nd April’13

To sensitize the students towards the Blue Planet, Earth Day is observed globally on 22nd April every year. Earth Day was an outstanding opportunity to focus student’s attention on the environment and to vigour their imagination, so that they can act persuasively to help solve environmental problems.

On this occasion trees were planted in the school campus. Grade I – VIII showed their innovative skills in making collage on various topics like: Green Earth, Water Conservation, Wild Life Conservation & Pollution kills etc. Students of Pre- Primary enjoyed making green and blue earth on paper plates. Our belief was to make this day, a movement which students and faculty eagerly await. The conduct of such activities allowed wide participation in the learning process.

Principal Mrs. Nidhi Sharma appreciated the bounties of nature and explained the importance of three R’s(Reuse, Recycle & Reduce) to save the planet. She suggested that Earth Day evolve into a week of activities that tend to be student- action oriented. These activities should provide a progressive model which can make Earth Day activities part of the schedule all year long. It should be our endeavour to keep fresh in the minds the motto that “Earth Day is every day”.

The day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Students and teachers pledged to keep Mother Earth clean & green. To create awareness an interesting and educative Power-Point was also shown to the students of Grade V-VIII.


Western Vocal Competition

Thus, 18th April’13

Western vocal competition-The first Inter-house activity of session 2013 was a high energy show. The theme( Rajasthan Royals) was perfect and in sync with the enthusiasm of students. Eternal melodies from Linkin Park, Boyzone, Carpenter and Boney M were performed by each house with unmatched talent. Radhakrishnan house was declared winner, Teresa house was the runner’s up. The students were felicitated by principal Mrs Nidhi Sharma. She applauded the organizer of this event Manish David(western music teacher)for his innovative setup and congratulated students for

Foundation Day 2013-14

Thus, 11th April’13

VSPK International School, Jaipur celebrated its 3rd foundation day on 11th April’13 with lots of enthusiasm. The auspicious occasion began with Haven followed by the cultural performances by the students of various classes. To grace and witness the occasion, members of the management committee were present along with the Principal, Mrs. Nidhi Sharma. Principal Ma’am shared her experiences with the school and addressed the students and the teachers that growth and development of the school relies on them. She also told students that they carry the grace of the school on their shoulders. The program ended with an optimistic vision of the growth of school.

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Events held in Session 2012-13

English Recitation

The first five years of a students are vital important in laying the foundation of personality and confidence building. keeping this fact in view, English Recitation Activity for Pre-Primary was organised in the school on Monday, 25th March in which students from Play Group to I participated with full enthusiasm and showcased their talent.

Times Education Expo- Edu Fest 2013

Students of VSPK proved their mettle once again in Times Education Expo – Edu Fest 2013 organised by Times group on 16th and 17th Feb 2013 at K.K. Square the students participated in various activities where :

  • Chahak Singh (Grade II) bagged 1st position in Dance Competition
  • Aiysha Garg (Grade I) bagged 2nd position in Drawing Competition
  • Sherya Arora (K.G.) in Recitation and Avika Chaudhary (Nursery) in Art Competition got consolation prize.

All India Skating Tournament

3 students Ansh Goel (V), Dushyant Singh (IV), Chahak Singh (II) of the school have been selected for “All India Skating Tournament” to be held in Navi Mumbai on 2nd and 3rd Feb 2013.

Winners of Inter School Cultural Fest- “Sanskriti 2013

The students of VSPK added one more feather to its cap by bagging
1) 1st Prize in Inter School Group Singing Competition
2) 2nd Prize (Group B) and 3rd Prize (Group A) in Inter School Fancy Dress Competition and
3) 3rd Prize in Inter School Art and Craft Competition.
Organised by Jankidevi Public School under its cultural fest “Sanskriti 2013” on 31st Jan – 2nd Feb’ 13.


Tete-e-tete with International hockey player (Fri, 28th Dec)

The students met the well known hockey player Andrea Thumshirn from Germany and learnt how to be a successful player. She is also giving free coaching to the young players in India.


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Christmas Celebration

Christmas was celebrated in the school with great pomp and show where all the children participated in different cultural events like Nativity play, Carol singing, dance and instrumental music. The show ended with distribution of sweets and gifts by Santa Claus.

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Inter-School Competition

Students brought pride to the school by bagging 2nd position in Drawing Competition – Play with Colours (Group A and B) held at Ryan International School on 19th Dec.

Also, students stood 2nd in “Innovation 2012” – Christmas Carol Competition hosted by Ryan International School on 20th Dec.


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Visit to ‘Science Express – Biodiversity special’


Visit to Jantar Mantar and Albert Hall (Fri, 23rd Nov)


To facilitate the students to see and experience the things beyond their classroom walls and believing that exposure to different places is an integral component of a complete and all round education, an educational trip to Jantar Mantar and Albert Hall has been organized for classes II to VII.

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Visit to Zoo


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Diwali Carvinal Night (Sun, 4th Nov)

VSPK organized the Dandiya Night. The main attraction of this Dandiya dance, Live performances by celebrities, mouth watering food and lucky draw.

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Sandwich Day (Fri, 2nd Nov)



Sandwiches are indeed a delight in any season. Vegetables are an important ingredient of our daily life. On this special day students learnt that vegetables are not only low in calories but good and high in minerals, vitamins and fibres.

Know Your City (Wed, 31st Oct)

The city Jaipur is known for its royal presence and appearance that makes it a city of elegance and there are several reasons that keep us hooked to the place. We love the city but it goes unnoticed till we express our interest for place. To create awareness about the culture and tradition of the heritage city and also to enhance the creative and thinking skills of the students, few projects have been made during Dusshera break.

1. Class III and IV – Historical monuments of Jaipur (Project on chart paper)

2. Class V and VI – Artifacts or Folk artists of Jaipur

3. Class VII – Power point presentation on “Know Your City” (10 slides)

Tree Plantation Day

As an endeavor to create awareness in the minds of the blooming buds – a tree plantation day was observed. The students with the help of their teachers planted the garden of the school. Such celebrations give a beautiful learning experience to the children and help them in developing into responsible citizens inculcating important values in them.