Activity Hub

1) Physical Activities

Sport grooms us to become tolerant individuals who understand the value of teamwork and sportsman’s spirit in all of life’s situations. Sporting activities play a vital role in shaping students outlook and inculcating values like optimism, belief in oneself and the ability of taking failure in one’s stride.

The VSPK curriculum regards games and sports as an inevitable part of a childs overall personality development. The school follows an extensive plan for promoting the skills and techniques of different games. The specialized coaches and instructors endeavor to provide a conducive environment for the physical well being of the students. Regular competitions and sports events are organized to direct the potential of the budding VSPKians in their field of interest.

The skills and techniques of different games are being taught to the learners. The accolades won by the students in different fields reflect their potential and give vent to the abundant energy which they possess to be channelized in the right direction. And, for us, it is not just about leisure, but also about nurturing our students dream of carving a career in the field of sports.


With us, your child will develop an interest in applying the gained knowledge and appreciating the world around him/her. As a result, he/she will go on to become an open-minded individual who can relate to our culture, country and its people which is the true mark of a progressive, responsible citizen.

These are few of the following activities in which students participate:

  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Horse Riding
  • Shooting
  • Taekwondo
  • Table Tennis
  • Environment Club
  • Track & Field

2) Creative Activity 

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.
The students are taught self-expression without having the apprehension of being wrong.
As propellers of growth, we leave no stone unturned in establishing an environment where students are encouraged to try out innovative things; participate in activities that delve outside classrooms and blackboards.
The creative activities cover a broad spectrum to provide multifarious exposure to students to find their optimized mediums as per their skills, talent, ability and interests so that in later years they can notch up expertise and achievement in their chosen arena.
Music : Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here! The students are taught to be proficient in both western and classical music. They are trained to go along with the rhythm and tone. Our school launched a new CD comprising of western songs with the name of Symphony of Oceans.
Dance: Dance is an expression of ones innermost feelings. Keeping in mind, the trend and interests of the modern youth and carrying on the Indian tradition, both Classical and Western forms of dance are taught. Dance teachers who are proficient in the respective dance forms instill a sense of grace, rhythm and beauty in the dancers. With a well-chalked out syllabus lessons in both Music and Dance are imparted. Each musical note and dance step is very painstakingly taught by the teachers who are acclaimed artists themselves.
Art and Craft : Pre-primary students are being taught various forms of art and craft. Teaching the children to let their imagination go wild, they are taught to paint using vegetable dyes, natural colours, crayons, pencil colours etc. Pulses and grains having various colours and shapes are pasted onto a pre-drawn picture/sketch.

We lay emphasis on learning origami, best out of waste, candle making, clay molding, photo frame making, small clay pots are beautified with beads & sequins etc. Children are encouraged to make cards; instead of buying from shops. This creativity doesnt remain dormant and comes to the fore when students move on to higher classes and utilise these skills for their projects and assignments in various subjects.

3) House system picture

The school is divided into Houses. They are Vigilance, Sincerity,Perseverance, Knowledge. Inter house cultural festivals, recitation, sports and games are held on a regular basis. These house-based activities evolve a sense of involvement to interact and come out with their latent talent. Team spirit and group cohesiveness gives a feeling of belonging and sharing.


These various inter house activities enhance a competitive spirit to excel in their performance.Inter House western vocal competition

  • Indian semi classical dance competition
  • Inter house shooting competition
  • Raakhi designing
  • Bouquet making competition
  • Debate competition
  • Inter House swimming competition
  • Inter House Taekwondo competition
  • Inter House Basketball competition
  • Hindi and English Elocution competition
  • Inter House Christmas Carol competition
  • Indian Classical vocal competition
  • Hindi and English literary fest
  • Inter House Science quiz
  • Fusion of colours Rangoli competition
  • Card making competition

4) Tours and Excursions

In an endeavour to take learning beyond the classroom, and relate practical knowledge to the authentic world, there are excursions and school tours which are organized throughout the year. In the pre-primary and primary school, these trips aim to develop self-reliance, teamwork and cooperation. Care is taken to provide age compatibility to the intended experience.
Children are also initiated into life skills through forest and outdoor camps where they learn to live in natural environs. Intensive physical fitness exercises like mountain climbing, rappelling, kayaking and trekking substantiate their composite learning through adventure. Visits to historic and various heritage sites are incorporated into the curricular process to acquaint our students with India s multi-faceted culture.
Pre Primary classes are enriched with knowledge in the form of outdoor visits through fun filled activities like visit to zoo, Mc Donalds, Botanical garden, Aapno Rajasthan where they learn about how majestic and colourful their state is. Visit to the malls for exploring the play zones.