Flashback 2019-VSPK Exposition



The Annual Exhibition “Flashback 2019 –VSPK Exposition” was organized on 3rd March 2020 at VSPK International School, Jaipur focusing on ingraining a scientific and creative attitude in the young students to make them comprehend the interdependence of science, technology by hands on experience.

The exhibition was divided into five sections “Sahitya ke Galiyare, Literature Gallery, Know your World, Techno Galaxy and Art Infusion” giving equal importance to each and every subject to skill  children, to synergise learning, to design & develop sounding knowledge. The classes of VSPK became a celebration of languages English, Hindi, French, Science & Technology, Social Science and Art.

Students enthusiastically presented their skills through models & charts, Demonstrations & explanations were given nicely by the participants. The spectators were greatly impressed by their performances. The event provided a platform for the budding students to express their creativity & gain confidence.  

School Manager Ms. Pramila Gupta, Director Mr. Kapil Gupta and Principal Dr. Shilpi Singh appreciated the efforts put in exhibition by teachers and students.

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